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Another important way we support our community’s growth and development is through education. Our staff and several volunteer teams and interns have offered classes on multiple topics through the years seeking to equip those who are willing to learn. Subjects have included: jewelry making, basic healthcare, informal nurses’ aide training, crochet, marriage seminars, Bible training, and knitting. All of these classes combine a presentation of Bible teaching alongside a practical skill.

CROCHET CLASSES Crochet classes have been held on multiple occasions through the years and have allowed us to connect with the women of the community in a practical way. Lots of laughter and conversation happens as they’re learning new skills with their hands. Imagine their excitement when they were able to fill two tables with the products of their labors and sell them to the community and visiting teams of volunteers! Many have since continued to sell their products in the community and the markets of the larger cities around us.

BASIC HEALTH CLASSES These classes focus on the basics of hygiene in the home, wound care for normal scrapes/cuts/burns, nutrition, dealing with common health problems in our community such as diarrhea and fever. Two members of our staff were hired on to work at the clinic without even a high-school diploma but having completed this class and shown an aptitude for learning quickly.

Diabetes is a growing problem in our community. This was a visual aid for teaching on the amount of sugar in commonly available drinks.

BIBLE TRAINING We have incorporated Bible studies into each class offered, but several volunteer teams have offered more intensive studies. One very helpful seminar was for married couples on what the Bible says about marriage, husbands and wives.