One month's food distribution packed and ready to go

In April of 2018 a social-political crisis exploded in Nicaragua and has led to an dramatic increase in unemployment and prolonged food instability for many of the families that we serve. We began a special temporary program to provide monthly staple food packages for the families who were hardest hit in our community. This program continues to be in great demand and we continually receive new applications for aid.

Each family that wishes to receive a food package is carefully interviewed by a local pastor and our clinic administrator. Those interviews are reviewed and family needs evaluated along with their sources of income and support. We are currently only able to help the most extreme cases and we prioritize the elderly who do not have family support as well as families with severe health needs.

The number of food packages we can give out each month varies based on the funds available, but we have averaged 100 families monthly over the last 20 months.

Packages currently cost us just over $13 for a family of 1-3 people and $24 for a family of more than 3 people. Food packs include: rice, beans, cooking oil, oatmeal, sugar, salt, matches, tortilla flour, eggs, and milk. Our goal is not feed them for the whole month, but our gift should feed the family for a week or two and help to stretch their resources further.

The need for food support will become even more critical this year as the COVID virus begins to impact our community and the nation more severely. If you would like to help fund this effort you can donate online below or see our contact page to mail a check and designate your gift toward the food packages.

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