February 030

There are several ways to get involved in supporting this ministry. First of all, pray! We stand in constant need of God’s wisdom, provision, and protection. To stay current on how to pray and what’s happening at the clinic, subscribe to our email newsletter. You will never be pressured to give and we will never sell your information.

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Financial help: Donated funds enable our outreach into so many different areas in this community and allow us to keep the cost for patients to a symbolic token that covers the costs of medications. Nicaraguan staff salaries, their transportation costs, specialist fees, most of our medical supplies and overhead costs come from donations. Our U.S. staff as well as our board of directors are all volunteers, so your gift goes entirely toward the work in Nicaragua. You can give your tax-deductible gift securely here through tithe.ly or mail a check to our address at the bottom of the page if you prefer. Be sure to fill in your name and address so that we may mail your tax-deductible donation receipt to you.

Supply help: We are in constant need of wheelchairs, crutches, and much more. Donated medical and dental supplies are given for free to our patients enabling us to lower costs for everyone. If you are able to collect and fund the cost of transporting supplies to Nicaragua please reach out to us for details on how to best do that.

Volunteer: There are so many needs in the community beyond health and we have partnered with local pastors and community leaders to find the best ways to bless the community. Can you lead a team of volunteers? There is work to do: building homes, planting trees, doing children’s VBS activities, repairs and maintenance at the clinic, teaching useful skills for groups from the community, and much more!

Interns: We have also enjoyed and benefited from working with interns who spend several months working in the clinic, learning from our staff and sharing their skills as well. Contact us if you are interested.

Contact us:

Email: healinghandsnicaragua@gmail.com

Mailing address: P.O. Box 16132, Tallahassee, FL 32317