October 024

We strive to offer the quality specialty care our patients need at a cost that is accessible to them. Providing these specialties in our clinic allows them to receive care that would otherwise be nearly impossible due to difficulties with travel and cost.

Physical Therapy is offered every Friday completely free of charge. Our amazing physical therapist offers help to those suffering with cerebral palsy, stroke, severe burns, broken bones, children with special needs, and many other limitations. As we have supplies available we provide donated crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and braces to the patients who need but can’t afford them.

Women’s preventative health screenings, GYN care, PAP smears, and Prenatal Care are offered twice monthly for the women of the community. We promote preventative care and provide educational times for the patients waiting to see the doctor as well. For people struggling to provide for their family’s daily needs it can be difficult see preventative care as a priority. By making the care affordable and offering it in the community we have been able to motivate many to get the care they need.

Two healthy babies with mothers who committed to breastfeeding after completing our prenatal classes

Ultrasound is offered twice monthly and provides a much needed resource for our patients. They would wait sometimes for months for an appointment at the local hospital. Having an ultrasound provider in their own community at half the cost of the private labs has been a huge blessing.

Laboratory We have also partnered with a local laboratory to offer routine lab work weekly. Samples are collected at no charge by our staff in the clinic each Tuesday and then we transport them to the lab in nearby Tipitapa. Results are returned to us to be given to the patients. We save our patients the bus fare for both the collection and then the trip to fetch their results, as well as offering them the same discounted price that the lab gives us.